DW Guillotine 208

New rigid collapsible design allows for quick, safe, dependable operation.
The Wachs DWG-208 Diamond Wire Guillotine cuts a variety of materials
including steel, ductile, cast iron, concrete (CA), poly and PVC. This saw
merges the ease of operation of a Guillotine Saw with the cutting power
of a diamond wire.

Wachs DW Guillotine 208 Diamond Wire Package for 2"-8" pipe (9.6" maximum outside diameter). Includes (1) Cutting Wire, Storage Carrier & Water Delivery System.

Fast (cuts 8in ductile pipe in under 3 mins).
Saw Weight: 51.6lb (23.4kg).
Hydraulic drive: HTMA class II 8 GPM @ 2000 psi (30 LPM @ 137.9 bar).

10,434,589 (10/8/19)
9,889,575 (2/13/18)
9,186,805 (11/17/15)


Manual Datasheet