Diamond Wire Guillotine 208 Utility Pipe Saw / Cutter

New rigid collapsible design allows for quick, safe, dependable operation. The Wachs DWG-208 Diamond Wire Guillotine Saw cuts a variety of materials including steel, ductile, cast iron, concrete (CA), poly and PVC. This saw merges the ease of operation of a Guillotine Saw with the cutting power of a diamond wire.

State of the art

  • Single person operation
  • Operator controls and feedback gauge are top mounted away from cutting action.
  • Feed screw controls cutting motion; the saw does all the work reducing operator fatigue.
  • Wire travels in housing to protect the operator
  • Does not bind like traditional saws
  • Quick release levers and latches for fast setup and maintenance (no tools required)
  • Arms collapse for compact storage and uses in restricted clearance areas
  • Storage carrier features casters for enhanced portability
  • Load-sensing feature increases wire life and cut speed
  • Narrow profile needs less excavation than traditional saws (virtually none required under pipe)
  • Fast (cuts 8in ductile pipe in under 3 mins)
  • Cuts live mains and underwater (fully submerged)
  • 2 settings for wall thickness
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally
  • Precision built with long lasting, corrosion resistant materials for years of trouble free operation
  • Designed for easy storage and portability
  • Mounting chain quickly secures the tool to the workpiece preventing slippage and movement


  • Pivoting safety shield for ease of cleaning and serviceability
  • Lightweight durable construction
  • Chain mount system for secure pipe mounting
  • Mounts directly to pipe or beam for
    clean cuts
  • Cuts 2in-8in (50-200DN) pipe and bar (up to 9.6in diameter)
  • Feed gauge shows wire pressure and cut angle
  • Tool-free operation and maintenance
  • No internal cut support mechanisms to pinch in the cut (chain support, blade tooth support, etc).
  • Detachable, swing-away front cover
  • Connects directly to all Wachs Utility Power units, standard Class II HPU, or Tool circuit
    of truck/tractor
  • User serviceable maintenance parts (drive and guide wheel assemblies)
  • Designed with safety in mind, everything about this machine is geared toward operator safety, simplicity, reliability, and performance.


Cutting Wire: Quick change continuous loop diamond wire cutting element

Hydraulic drive: HTMA class II 8 GPM @ 2000 psi (30 LPM @ 137.9 bar)

Machine Capacity: Cold cuts all pipe material

Feed Rate: Variable based on workpiece size and density

Installation Method: Standard mounting chain

Controls: Single crank, manual feed with gauge; Motor on-off

Construction: Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Standard Equipment:

  • Hydraulic Powered Diamond Wire Guillotine
  • High density diamond wire
    loop assembly
  • Shipping and Storage Carrier
  • Operations manual
  • Spray coolant and washdown system


Manual Datasheet