P-2 Handheld Exerciser

P-2 Valve Operator

Wachs P-2 (Pow-R-Drive 2) handheld valve turning machine is the ideal solution for organizations dealing with critical valves of any sort, including fire prevention and water material handling systems. It’s lighter, faster and more powerful than any other machine of its kind, and helps eliminate arm and back
injuries associated with attempting to manually turn large or stuck valves.

The P-2 offers increased productivity, operator efficiency and valve protection. It’s compact size and light weight make it the perfect tool for hard to reach valves, valve turning/exercising and fast shut downs, delivering controlled power to operate valves 6” (152.4mm) and up.

The P-2 is available in both high speed HS and high torque HT models, in pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric drive. An optional universal handwheel adapter allows the P-2 to operate non-rising stem handwheels.

P-2 Features
• Lightweight, rugged construction
• Easy setup and operation
• Convenient finger tip control
• LCD counter, VITALS compatible
• VITALS offers precise torque control
• Pneumatic, hydraulic or electric