RS-2 Hand Wheel Drive Adaptor Plate

Dedicated Hand Wheel Drive Adaptor Plate including detent pins and U-bolts for permanent mounting. Securely mounts to handwheel, allowing an operator to quickly attach the RS-2 Rising Stem Valve Exerciser.

This Kit Includes:

  • U-bolts
  • Dedicated Handwheel Adapter Plate
  • Drive Fingers

Setup Procedure for mounting the dedicated adaptor plate:

  1. The dedicated adaptor plate must be mounted to rising stem valve with U-bolts supplied with your dedicated adaptor plate. Holes must be drilled into adapter plate to bolt plate to handwheel spokes.
  2. Center dedicated handwheel plate hole over center of rising stem screw.
  3. After mounting adapter plate, bolt fingers to RS-2 drive hub using the slots provided for this purpose, located on bottom of actuator, using 1/4 20x5/8in socket head cap screws.
  4. Place RS-2 Rising Stem Valve Exerciser on adapter dedicated plate so that fingers rest in the adapter plate slots.
  5. Insert “fast-pins” in holes provided to lock actuator on adapter plate.