RS-2 Handheld Exerciser

The RS-2 Rising Stem Handheld Valve Exerciser is designed with operator health in mind to prevent arm and back injuries associated with manually turning large, stubborn or frozen industrial valves.

Wachs RS-2 offers a range of adapters and accessories to suit most applications, including PIV (Post Indicator Valves). There’s a 1in (25.4 mm) square drive adapter, dedicated handwheel adapters and a universal handwheel adapter to fit most common handwheels.

• Available in hydraulic, pneumatic or electric drive
• Operates all rising & non-rising stem valves from 6-60in (152.4-1524mm)
• 4in (106.1mm) hub opening for operating rising stem valves
• Mount to any handwheel with Universal Handwheel Adapter
• Forward and reverse operation. Variable speed control
• Built in easy view LCD counter
• 55 rpm high-speed operation for valves requiring several hundred turns
• 800 lb-ft torque for difficult valves