TM-7 Standard Duty Manual Control

TM-7 Heavy Duty VITALS Control

Our most powerful valve exerciser, Wachs TM-7 Heavy Duty is designed to free and exercise very large or stubborn valves often found in bigger or more established cities. Difficult or impossible to operate when the need arises, applying brute force on these valves trying to exercise or free them up can break the valve stem, leaving costly replacement as the only option.

Wachs TM-7 conforms to the AWWA Valve Exercising Standard, allowing a single operator to exercise these tough to turn valves, even ones you may already have scheduled for replacement. If it’s not broken the TM-7 will likely turn it without damaging it.

Featuring a precision hydraulic drive system, the TM-7 is equipped with direction of rotation and electronic revolution counter, with torque control and automatic cutoff triggered if user preset torque limits are reached. Its design places the hydraulic motor and drive gear on a smooth, ball bearing equipped, lockable slide that offers compact dimensions with increased energy transfer.

Available as a standalone option with truck mounting options, the TM-7 Heavy Duty Plus develops 2500 ft-lbs (3390 Nm) of torque. Available as a standalone option with truck and trailer mounting options, Plus models are fully compatible with optional VITALS® control and data logging of torque and direction of rotation. Wachs TM-7 HD Plus is optional equipment on the Valve Maintenance Truck Package.



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