TM-7 Valve Exerciser

TM-7  Truck Mounted Valve Exerciser. Designed with a hydraulic drive system for torque control and direction of rotation.  Equipped with an automatic cut off if preset torque limit is reached, electronic revolution counter and integral auxiliary hydraulic circuit, 8ft (2.4M) key. Newest modular design single hydraulic motor and drive gear on a ball bearing lockable slide offers increased efficiency and compact dimensions, and an easy upgrade path. The TM-7 allows a single operator to exercise valves from 6 to 60" (DN150-1500) safely and quickly.  

Standard Duty VITALS Control 17-000-22

VITALS control and datalogging of torque and direction of rotation. Standard duty hydraulic system develops 1500 ft/lbs (2034 Nm) of torque.*

Heavy Duty VITALS Control 17-000-24

VITALS control and datalogging of torque and direction of rotation. Heavy duty hydraulic system develops 2500 ft/lbs (3390 Nm) of torque.* 

*Requires VITALS Datalogger sold separately.

HPUs and Hydraulics

16HP Gas Hydraulic Supply 17-402-00

Wachs Utility 16HP Gas Engine Driven HTMA Class II Frame Mounted Power Pack: Briggs & Stratton electric state V-Twin engine (12 kW) with hydraulic pump, capable of 8 GPS (30.3 LPM) @ 2,000 PSI (138 bar). Engine controls are operated at the front panel of the TM-7 reservoir.

Hydraulic Cooler 17-401-00

(required to add Class II Circuit)