Diamond Wire Guillotine 416 Utility Pipe Saw / Cutter

Wachs Diamond Wire Guillotine® pipe saw is designed to safely cold cut steel, ductile and cast iron pipe from 4in to 16in. Designed with safety in mind, everything about these machines are geared toward operator safety, simplicity, reliability and performance.

The motion of the diamond wire cutting media is limited by mechanical devices enclosed in the stainless steel housing, protecting the operator and preventing any uncontrolled movement of the tool for operator safety. Only the diamond wire cutting media penetrates the pipe, so binding is not an issue when cutting pipelines with compressive loads.

The light weight durable construction allows for quick and easy set up.  Operation is easy with one person manual control. Choice of horizontal or vertical mounting. Connects directly to Wachs TM-7 or standard Class II Hydraulic Power Unit.


  • Easy Operation and Setup
  • Guillotine Saw with the cutting power of a Diamond Wire Saw
  • Saw does all the work
  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • Less excavation required than traditional saws
  • Mounts directly to pipe or beam
  • Clean cuts
  • Does not bind like traditional saws
  • Cuts pipe and bar 4in-16in (100-400DN)
  • Diamond Wire quickly cuts through a variety of materials including Steel, Ductile and Cast Iron

State of the art

  • Load-sensing feature increases wire life
  • Feed pressure indicator shows stress on wire during operation
  • Hand grips for two person mounting
  • Single person operation
  • Lightweight durable construction
  • User replaceable clamp contact pads and wheel inserts
  • Connects directly to Wachs TM-7 or standard HPU
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally

Standard Equipment

  • (1) Hydraulic Diamond Wire Guillotine
  • (1) High density diamond wire loop assembly
  • (1) Shipping and Storage crate
  • (1) Spray coolant and washdown system 


Cutting Wire: Quick change continuous loop diamond wire cutting element

Hydraulic drive: HTMA class II 8 GPM @ 2000 psi (30 LPM @ 137.9 bar)

Machineable Materials: Cold cuts all pipe and bar material

Machine Capacity: 16in (400DN) width and height

Feed Rate: Variable based on workpiece material and density

Installation Method: Standard mounting strap

Controls: Single crank, manual feed; Motor on-off

Construction: Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Clamping Pads: User replaceable crush-resistant nylon clamping pads

Included Accessories: Operating manual

Finish: Natural Satin 


Bid Spec Application Report Manual Datasheet