Valve Maintenance Accessories

Pumps and Tools

Wachs Utililty Products offers a complete range of accessories and parts needed for routine valve maintenance.  These products include

  • Valve Nut Rx system for in situ replacement of worn or lost AWWA 2 inch valve operating nuts
  • Valve Box Buddy for lifting cast iron utility and valve box covers
  • Replacement hoses and filters for Wachs trailers, skid systems and vacs
  • Replacement control cable for the HC-100 Handheld Controller
  • Submersible hydraulic trash and dewatering pumps
  • Telescoping and compact valve keys to reach valve operating nuts
  • Hydraulic breakers and replacement cutters, points and chisels
  • Hydraulic flow adapter to run Wachs DWS saws from skid loaders or backhoes
  • Air treatment module for pneumatic powered tools