VITALS Software

E.H. Wachs Intelligent Automation combines VITALS™ software and Handheld Controller, offering users the most precise control of valve operation ever invented. Here’s how it works: Wachs Intelligent Automation equipped machines contain the necessary motors and sensors, our VITALS™ software contains the operating system, and our Handheld controller provides the microprocessor brains and memory. Now you have the ability to safely and remotely exercise valves, capture the information and synchronize it with your desktop. Nobody else has anything like it!

When Intelligent Automation and VITALS are combined, they become a powerful diagnostic tool. Digital torque and turn displays provide clear insight into a valve’s condition, while the electronic torque sensor records the torque chart. Adjustable torque control limits include indicators that signal when preset limits are reached, and trigger auto shut down or auto reverse to prevent valve damage.

Custom valve ID information is recorded such as the number of turns, maximum torque and valve location while exercising the valve with E.H. Wachs ERV-750 or TM-7 to manage valve performance and prevent costly repairs.


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