Hydro-Vac Skid, Diesel

Utility Hydro-Vac Hydraulics, Gas

Wachs Hydro-Vac Skid, Diesel includes all components pre-assembled to a steel "skid" that can be quickly bolted down to your flatbed truck. This unit is powered by a Tier 4F compliant, Kubota 1.1L, I-3 4-stroke, liquid cooled, IDI diesel engine that provides ample power for all contained functions.

A step up in power, capacity and size from the smaller Trav-L-Vac 300, the Hydro-Vac Skid includes a powerful vacuum that generates 500 CFM at 11in Hg. It includes a large, 250 gallon spoils tank that features our exclusive hydraulic powered slide, tilt, and dump system with power latching door, here in a rear dump configuration. This power spoils tank features a twin cylinder, electric over hydraulic dump system that incorporates a slide and tilt system that moves the tank out before tilting to clear for dumping, then lifts to 55 degrees to discharge debris.

Also driven from the common power train is a 2.5 gpm @ 3000 psi pressure washer system with 3 gallon anti-freeze tank and 95 gallon vertical water tank. Includes 2-1/2in, 1-1/4in & 7/8” suction wands, short & long wash-down guns, 20ft suction hose and 50ft retractable hose reel.

Note a valve exerciser is not included with the Hydro-Vac Skid, it features vacuum, power spoils tank and power wash units only. Valve exercisers can be ordered separately, or refer to our Standard LX Skid, Diesel truck mount systems that includes the ERV-750 exerciser for fuller valve maintenance capabilities.