Utility Vacuum Systems

Utility Hydro-Vac Trailer, Gas

Wachs Hydro-Vac Trailers and Hydro-Vac Skid truck mounted systems are a safe, non-destructive and cost-effective machine for precise utility excavation that requires less backfill and restoration. Wachs Hydro-Vac prevents underground damage, while offering a more accurate way to excavate soil and locate underground utilities.

Available in either Diesel or Gas powered models, they feature a positive displacement blower providing 500 CFM-11 in Hg vacuum and 250 gallon spoils tank to remove debris. Wachs Hydro-Vac is also well suited for locating utilities, trenching and excavating.

Our Trav-L-Vac 300 is a popular option for basic vacuum needs. Designed for valve box cleaning and excavation, the Trav-L-Vac 300 handles solid and liquid debris safely and quickly. Available as a compact trailer for towing to job sites, or as a skid mount unit ready to bolt down to your flatbed truck.

Note a valve exerciser is not included with these units. They typically include power wash (except Trav-L-Vac 300), vacuum unit and spoils tank only. Valve exercisers can be ordered separately (not available on Trav-L-Vac 300), or refer to our Standard LX Trailers or Standard LX Skid truck mount systems that includes the ERV-750 exerciser.