Handheld Valve Exercisers

P-2 Valve Operator

Turning valves and valve handwheels is an vital task in maintaining water infrastructure. An organization can have hundreds or even thousands of valves that must be controlled, or in some industries “exercised”, the process of running a valve through its full cycle to prevent sticking or freezing caused by factors such as tuberculation.

Wachs P-2 and RS-2 handheld operators are the ideal tool for operating or exercising handwheel and rising stem valves, and are available in three different drive options. The P-2 is offered in your choice of high torque (HT) or high speed (HS) models.

Wachs handheld valve exercisers increase productivity, operator safety and valve protection.  They are the perfect tool for hard to reach valves, valve exercising and fast shut downs.  Lightweight for everyday use and multiple models available in electric, hydraulic or pneumatic power, delivering 500 – 800 ft lbs of torque. Models are available with VITALS that offers recordability and torque control.