Valve Maintenance Trailers

Grand LX Dual Operator

At Wachs we’re often asked, what is the best vehicle platform to select for a valve maintenance system? Is it a dedicated trailer that can be towed behind your fleet trucks, or a skid system that has Wachs components bolted down to a steel skid, that in turn can be easily mounted to any medium duty flatbed truck? The answer is they are both a good choice, but it fully depends on your needs and preferences.

Our Valve Maintenance Trailers with the ERV-750 and optional TM-7 valve exercisers onboard are the industry standard for a completely upgradable, versatile platform designed to transport all the valve maintenance and vacuum tools needed in the field. Built to withstand the rigors of years of service, it’s the perfect solution for municipalities or contractors looking for a rugged, long lasting self contained system.

Wachs VMT Valve Maintenance Trailers offer the advantage of any medium duty pickup truck being able to tow it, so there is no need to have a fleet vehicle exclusive to the task. This is often preferred by small to mid-size municipalities with limited fleet units. The downside is the length of a truck/trailer combination may be less maneuverable in tight city streets and alleys, plus the need to make trailer connections.

Designed to carry the highly versatile ERV-750 and our powerful TM-7, you can specify exactly the configuration that will work best for you. Completely customizable, our valve maintenance trailers are built for the long haul, and can be upgraded later as your budget allows.

Wachs Compact LX trailer includes the basic building block of a valve maintenance program, our class leading ERV-750 extended reach operator with a reach of 13 feet (3.96 meters) and powerful 750 ft/lbs of torque. It's ideal for municipalities or contractors looking for a smaller, affordable, easily transportable and long lasting valve exercising trailer.