Grand LX Valve Maintenance Trailer VMT, Gas

Grand LX - VMT, Gas

Grand LX (Gas) - VMT: Twin turner valve maintenance trailer includes:

  • Wachs 1,500 Ft/lb TM-7 operator
  • Wachs 750 Ft/lb Extended Reach Valve operator
  • ruggedized HC-100 with GPS controller/datalogger
  • 27 HP gasoline powered Kohler overhead cam air cooled engine provides ample power for all contained functions
  • an auxiliary HTMA Class II circuit (10 gallon reservoir, fan cooled heat exchanger, continuous duty rated for 8 GPM @ 1,800 PSI)
  • A positive displacement blower provides 500 CFM-11in Hg vacuum
  • spoils containment provided by a 250 gallon tank with power hydraulic dump (curb side discharge) and latching rear door
  • a 2.5 gpm @ 3000 psi pressure washer system
  • 7 gallon anti-freeze tank
  • 66 gallon water tank
  • 2-1/2in, 1-1/4in & 7/8in suction wands and one each short and long wash-down guns

The LX package bundle:

  • light bar
  • auxiliary hydraulic hose reel
  • Bluetooth tether
  • job box


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