DW-208 Front

Diamond Wire Guillotine Pipe Saws

Wachs Utility Products are designed and built with safe and efficient operation in mind, for municipalities and water authorities learning to do more with less. Safety and efficiency can be intertwined, with Wachs Diamond Wire Guillotine pipe saws being a great example. Our newest innovation, the DW (Diamond Wire) Guillotine saws are available in two models, the DWG 208 and DWG 416.

Designed to quickly cut all types of pipe, including mixed media, Wachs DW Guillotines secure to the workpiece. Unlike traditional gas powered handheld chop and chain saws, they eliminate the danger of power saw “kickback” injuries from workpiece binding or compressing, a huge safety benefit. Another benefit besides the speed that these machines cut is the large number of cuts each cutting wire delivers.

This creates one of the lowest costs per cut in the industry, with a major ROI factor of a far lower consumables cost over the life of the machine. Don’t choose between fast, cheap or safe for your next pipe cutting machine, choose Wachs DW Guillotine Saws and get all three.

Ease of Use

The light weight durable construction of the DWG series saws allows for quick and easy set up. Operation is easy with one person setup and control. Able to operate fully immersed in water, the DWG saws can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Running on sealed hydraulic power the Diamond Wire Guillotine pipe saws connect directly to the Wachs HPU that drives the ERV-750 or TM-7, or to any standard Class II Hydraulic Power Unit, including the auxiliary hydraulic power circuits on many earth movers.

Each DWG Diamond Wire Guillotine pipe saw package comes complete with:

  • (1) Hydraulic Powered Diamond Wire Guillotine
  • (1) High density diamond wire loop assembly
  • (1) Shipping and storage carrier
  • (1) Operations manual
  • (1) Spray coolant and washdown system